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By Sarah Spigelman Richter
December 26, 2014
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The Cricket Club
An elegant hideaway of a bar dressed in exclusivity and unique style that's too good for your social feeds.

And we don’t mean Jiminy. This Cricket Club is an ode to the glory days of the sport known as Cricket. Matilda Boland and Tim Harris have created a jewel box of a bar in Manhattan, hidden upstairs from their more casual Australian restaurant, Burke and Wills. It’s a love letter to days gone by – old photographs of Australia’s cricket players, ancient leather bound tomes, and brocade furniture that manages to be elegant yet comfortable. You are instantly transported to another time and place, as the dress code forbids tattered jeans and loud cell phone conversations. You’re already in a good mood and you haven’t even had a drink yet.

The Manhattan Cricket Club's statement bar which examplifies the bar's style and environment.

Come here with your lover, your best friend or spend some quality alone time. It’s the perfect place for a date with yourself. Dark, quiet, but not at all uptight or morose – more like the overture to a night that is sure to be a theatrical and fantastic ride.

The craft cocktails here are really a step above. Mixologist Greg Seider has a menu of carefully concocted libations, but don’t be scared to go off menu and ask for a bespoke drink based off of your favorite spirts or flavor profiles. After all, as a member of the Australian aristocracy (you ARE surrounded by gold and mahogany walls, after all), you deserve whatever your little heart desires.

The Salt & Pepper, one of the drinks on The Manhattan Cricket Club cocktail menu.

Fans of savory cocktails will flock to the Salt and Pepper, made with Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Garden Tomato Essence, Smoked Black Pepper & White Truffle Mist. It’s the chic, understated love child of the Gibson and the Bloody Mary – not overtly sour or pungent, but delicate and complex. Those in the mood for something a little more familiar can sample the smoked cinnamon old-fashioned, with High West Double Rye, Smoked Cinnamon Tincture, Old-Fashioned Bitters. The focus on cocktails here isn’t to get a fast, hard buzz, but to gently let the worries of the outside world slip away while sipping an interesting, unique, and most of all, delicious cocktail.

So, dust off those high heels, ladies. Gentlemen, leave the fantasy football at the sports bar. And, prepare to take one delicious trip back to a more genteel, elegant time at The Cricket Club.  Don’t worry, your sports skills won’t be tested.