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Home Blogs TREKking with lLAMAS IN WYOMING
By Iris Garrido
July 17, 2017
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A most scenic hike!

Walk with the llamas

Trekking in the Wyoming backcountry is an incredibly beautiful experience. High peaks, high lakes and basins, high plateaus and high meadows and forests provide big vistas under impossibly blue skies. It also means hiking through some of the best remaining wildlife habitats on Earth, teeming with wild creatures, deep in the wilds of the spectacular Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It’s mountain ranges are characterized by waterfalls, alpine lakes, massive granite spires, high mountain cirques, glaciers, and vast meadow systems. For a unique outdoor adventure, embark on an unforgettable day hike with the llamas on the mountain ranges of Wind River and the Jackson Hole area. With the llamas you’ll be able to Hike through the less visited, more remote areas of these extraordinary mountains and fully take in the beautiful American wilderness.