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Home Blogs Cattle Round Up in Montana
By Iris Garrido
July 14, 2017
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Cattle Round Up in Montana
Live like a cowboy

Yee Haw!!

Looking for a true cowboy experience? A cattle drive vacation at a ranch in Montana might just be the closest thing to it. Come experience the vast wide open spaces and live a true western lifestyle with cattle drives, round ups and ranch work. Life in the ranch depends on the season, so activities vary from moving cattle to  different pastures, checking the fences, making sure the livestock have water, or helping with other ranch chores. Riding is the main activity, and the horses are used for moving the cattle out in the open country through meadows, wooden canyons, and mountain tops. For the more advanced horseback riders, there’s the thrilling opportunity to ride with bison, making for a unique, fast-and-furious cattle drive. This is truly an incredible opportunity to live out your western fantasies.