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Home Blogs Diving With Sharks
By Iris Garrido
July 3, 2017
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Diving With Sharks
Face your biggest fears

Bucket list item!

There’s nothing in the world as electrifyingly thrilling than a face-to-face encounter with a shark in its natural habitat. If you like sharks, or are fascinated by them, then come to the Bahamas for a dive and you’re sure to be in for a treat. These beautiful, often terrifying predators, are found all around its islands; nurse, black tip, bull, tiger, great hammerhead and Caribbean reef sharks all love its clear blue waters. For a true natural experience, embark on one of the many cage less diving excursions where you'll get to swim side by side with these majestic creatures and also witness as they are fed into an exhilarating frenzy that you’ll never forget. Prefer to have a cage in between? Head over to Tiger Beach - swarming with tiger sharks - and opt for a cage diving experience.